Spray Tanning and Airbrush Tanning

Bliss is Denver’s place for your custom spray tanning needs!

Have you ever had a last-minute event or trip come up and needed a fast tan
but don’t have the time to visit a tanning salon?

Let Bliss Body Waxing & Airbrush Tanning Studio Help!

Tanning Dos and Don’ts

Airbrush tanning is a safe, natural way to get that sun-kissed glow or deep bronzed tan. Our products will never make you orange or streaky, or smelly. We customize each tan to your body and what goals you are trying to achieve with your look and tan.


DO shower, shave, and exfoliate before coming in.


DO use a NEW/CLEAN razor if you must shave.


DO pat yourself dry or air dry after showering.


DON’T wear deodorant or any body lotion. The less product on your skin the better the result.


DON’T shower for 8-10 hours after your airbrush tan is applied.


Our experienced and licensed technician will provide you with a flawless tan for any occasion including weddings, class reunions, vacations, competitions, a night on the town, or simply because you want to feel your best.


Bliss Body Waxing and Airbrush Tanning studio provides a private and comfortable environment located in the Denver University area, minutes off of I-25 and University Blvd.


The Spray Tanning Process takes 15-20 minutes. Prior to your tanning appointment, we advise that you shave, shower, exfoliate, and refrain from applying any body lotion. We apply streak-free applications of the best organic product on the market that also ensures a longer tan life and natural even color.


After your custom airbrush tan has been applied, we recommend wearing loose-fitting, darker clothes. It can be common for the spray tan solution to rub off on some areas of your clothing, but it will not stain.


Amongst being one of the fastest-growing trends, airbrush and spray tanning has no harmful side effects and is completely safe for your skin.

If you have any questions,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call our Denver location and book your tan today!


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